Best Love Scenes In Movies/Tv Shows Part 4

Romantic Clips mashed together with the song Fix You by Coldplay. MOVIE LIST Lost in translation 0:00-0:08 p.s i love you- 0:09-0:12 Blue Valentine 0:13-0:15 Gossip girl- 0:16-0:21 The girl next door- 0:22-0:24 Arrow 0:25-0:29 Sons of anarchy 0:30-0:32 vampire diaries 0:33-0:35 girls 0:36-0:43 The originals 0:44-0:50 Sex and the city 0:51-0:56 Fast and furious […]

Best Love Scenes In Movies/Tv shows

Cute love movie moments mashed into a short music video of give me love by Ed Sheeran PART 2 PART 3 PART 4 OTHER SIMILAR VIDEOS Dan and Serena Gossip Girl MOVIE LIST 10 things i hate about you 0:00-0:03 L.O.L 0:04-0:06 21 (Blackjack) 0:07-0:10 easy A 0:11-0:14 The last song […]