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Fun Food Chant – Fruit, Vegetables, Drinks and MORE for Kids. ★ SUBSCRIBE ➜ | Clean Up Song for Children ➜ More “Kids Learning” Videos: Another Food Chant ➜ Learn Colors – Preschool Chant ➜ The Colors Song By ELF Learning ➜ ELF Learning creates songs, videos and other learning materials for kids all over […]

Healthy Food Vs Junk Food Song!

A food song for kids! Do you like broccoli? Do you like chocolate? Teach and learn food names, and the difference between healthy food and junk food! Great for children, babies, toddlers, ESL students, and adults, too! 🙂 Who wins in the battle of the foods!? Learn the words: broccoli, salad, fish, eggs, nuts, yogurt, […]