10 Fantastic American TV Shows to Learn English

You guys requested a video showing you 10 American TV shows to learn English and finally I’ve made one! We look at 10 American TV shows that will give you wonderful natural vocabulary, a variety of accents and a window into American culture. Check out these TV clips here 1. Game of Thrones – https://www.youtube.com/user/GameofThrones […]

10 Great British TV Shows to Learn English

Watching TV shows is a great way to learn English. Firstly you are exposed to a wide range of useful vocabulary and colloquial language. Secondly you’ll hear a variety of accents depending on the show you choose. Finally it’s great listening practise. In addition TV is a fantastic window into the culture of a country […]

BEST TV SHOWS TO LEARN ENGLISH – vocabulary, hacks, topics

I was struggling to learn new vocabulary in English, because there are so many words that we don’t use in our every day life, but sometimes we stumble upon them in conversations with native speakers. Start practicing English now – https://goo.gl/GTkooq Learn English where it is spoken (we work with all countries, you can start […]