Blood Over Intent in Movies, TV Shows, & Cartoons

Satan holds the Spear of Destiny For a Reason… he Put Up Gallons of his Blood To Get it- Selflessly to Bring Forth Heaven on Earth & Release All From Bondage. He is Published For All To See & Behold…Everlasting Life For All No Soul Left Behind Proof of Life Blood in Blood Out Everyone […]

Free Mason Symbolism in Old TV Shows!!

Even though society today is heavily permeated with obvious evil and Illuminati/Freemason symbolism, a lot of this was going on many years ago as well. source

The Coming Apocalypse TV SHOW Intro….

Help Support This Broadcast This is the opening to the New TV Broadcast every Friday Night on WHT on Direct TV Ch (367) also WHNW Ch 18 Chicago/Gary @ 11:30PM EDT and also every Sunday Nite WHMB TV Ch 40 Indianapolis @ 10:30 EDT and Every Sunday Nite @ 10:30PM EDT On WHME Ch […]

NEW WORLD ORDER Programming in OLD TV Shows – Batman, Barney Miller (1981)

NWO programming in Banery Miller and the Batman franchise. Credit to russianvids for bringing the Barney Miller clip to our attention. source

10 Times TV Shows Predicted The Future

Sometimes fact can be stranger than fiction and that certainly was the case these 10 times TV shows predicted the future. From Google Glass to 9/11 we watched the future act out on our silver screens as scarily accurate predictions. Music = Delicate Decisions by Philip Guyler Click to Subscribe.. —————– Video Endboard Links: […]

TV Shows / Cartoons Loaded With Illuminati Symbolism

The shows play its part by exposing young children to the symbolism, which normalizes it and ultimately accomplishes what the occult elite has been doing for centuries: Hiding in plain sight. source

Classic Example of Operant Conditioning in Childrens’ TV Shows. Case Study: The Friendly Giant

I wanted to include this in part of a series, but it was just too blatant to risk it not getting the attention it deserves This is a classic example of how they condition the children. Very subtle, but not subtle enough, as with everything else, these shows and the techniques they use follow PATTERNS…im […]