Lizzie and George – Rampage // Back To Bits Back to Bits is a series of animations created by artists around the world that share a passion for video games. Created & Curated by Jerry Liu Co-produced with Angela Liu Website Developed by Peter Chi Music & Sound Design by Wesley Slover Website: Twitter: Instagram – Likes: 98 Viewed: 1632 […]


346 Thermostatic valves are sexy! But do you really know how to use them? Follow our trip through cool furnitures and fishbowls to answer all of your heating related questions. CLIENT: Ceresa STUDIO: ILLO COPYWRITING & CLIENT MANAGEMENT: Luca Gonnelli CREATIVE DIRECTION & ILLUSTRATION: Ilenia Notarangelo ILLUSTRATION: Cristina Pasquale ANIMATION: Nicholas Bertini VOICEOVER: Lara Parmiani […]


758 Picwood is a marketplace for unique furniture, they combine your graphics with finest wood and craft it into furniture of the highest quality. Some more feature will be established when the final website is lived. The client told me to do a video combined shift & nokia lumia style, visually appealing, sexy and […]

Old Video Games Video para “5 Second Projects : Old Video Games” de Greyscale Gorilla. Para hacerlo primero busqué imagenes de los personajes y elementos que iba a utilizar y los tracé en vectores en Illustrator (hice a Megaman y a Link pero no encajaban en la animación). Luego esos vectores los pasé a Cinema 4D y […]