Modeling the Alpha Chair based on blueprints

40 A run through modeling, shading and lighting a quick furniture sketch based on blueprints. The model is not in scale. To get real world size it has to be scaled down after modeling. Design: Tommy Papaioannou Blueprint: Likes: 40 Viewed: 1364

Top 5 Photography Gadgets you Should Have

Amazing gadgets for every photographer….. Links Pico Time Lapse Capture Clip Everyday Messenger The Gnarbox Petzval 58

Handcrafted design.

613 Handcrafted in his studios in Cornwall, England, the range of contemporary lighting and furniture Tom Raffield now creates is based on beauty, integrity and a desire to create unique, high-specification products that will be cherished by their owners. Film produced by Sideways ( Likes: 613 Viewed: 27194

chuck routhier, furniture / lighting / bag designer

14 telling a story of my creative process and the stories behind the pieces. this was created by good friend and excellent storyteller Ed Nammour. we shot this in one day with a rough outline of the narrative, and he really pulled together a tight piece. thanks Ed. Likes: 14 Viewed: 1110

Testing my circuit bent nintendo visuals…& dancing

Wanted to try my circuit bent visuals thru a projector. This is an original NES 8-bit system. I added a audio reactive circuit with adjustable microphone sensitivity inspired by dj lighting. Now it’s just about finding cool games that work well. Favs so far: Double Dribble, Top Gun, Fighting Golf. Me and Lis dancing. Likes: […]