La Casa de Yolanda / Pequeñas Grandes Casas

741 ALL I OWN HOUSE / Pequeñas Grandes Casas Visita: www.pequeñ Author: PKMN architectures [] Client: Yolanda R. Pila [] Photography: Javier de Paz García [] Video: PKMN [pacman] + Daniel Meré Structural Engineer: Mecanismo SL [] Facilities Engineer: Alberto Espinosa [] Date: Jan-Aug 2014 Location: Madrid, Spain. The relationships we establish with the objects […]


50 “Designed with the belief that everybody has the right to create and recreate their living space as their life demands and their mood directs” TETRAN is the world’s first fully integrated modular furniture systems that allow its owners virtually infinite furniture design from just nine basic elements. The furniture of the future that will […]