John Hayes Modelling Reel 2008

This is my current reel showcasing a few of the models I created for Golden Axe: Beast Rider, as well as a few older titles. The characters and their textures were created by me using Maya, Zbrush, Modo, XSI and Photoshop. Shot Breakdown: The Grubber: All the character modelling, texturing, and rendering. The character animation […]

A Short Visual History of Videogames

My website: Blog post: Okay, so down here in Australia most people say “see-ga” rather than “say-ga”. Plus; I totally think that voice at the start of the Megadrive games sounds a whole lot more like “see-ga” or “seh-gah”, than “say-ga” This is my major project for 3rd year BA(multimedia) at RMIT (which […]