Back to Bits – Boy in Blue

Made this Megaman 3 tribute for Jerry Liu’s Back to Bits project! Finally took a stab at pixel animation for one of my favorite + super influential games from my childhood. Check out the rest of the contributions here! A lot of really fun stuff from super talented motion designers! Shout out to the […]


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Player Two

B.F.A. Thesis Animation, Syracuse University “Player Two” is a short animation that explores the relationship that develops between two brothers of differing age growing up, and how video games foster that bond. Making-Of ​ Adobe Blog Featurette Recent Syracuse University Grad Talks Inspiration for Viral Short Film “Player Two” ​ Short of the Week […]

Top 5 Photography Gadgets you Should Have

Amazing gadgets for every photographer….. Links Pico Time Lapse Capture Clip Everyday Messenger The Gnarbox Petzval 58

Looper The Movie The 8 Bit Game

“We both know how this has to go down” Watch LOOPER, the 8BIT (sorta) version. Made this while waiting for other renders to go through. Definitely my most anticipated movie of the fall/winter. Hopefully this is a start of a series of cinema games that never existed. Used: After Effects/Photoshop Likes: 132 Viewed: 55190 […]

Old Video Games Video para “5 Second Projects : Old Video Games” de Greyscale Gorilla. Para hacerlo primero busqué imagenes de los personajes y elementos que iba a utilizar y los tracé en vectores en Illustrator (hice a Megaman y a Link pero no encajaban en la animación). Luego esos vectores los pasé a Cinema 4D y […]