10 Amazing Pocket Gadgets You Must Carry!!

10 Amazing Pocket Gadgets You Must Carry!! 10 Titanium HEX 1 https://www.rigiddesignco.com/products 9 KeyMAX G5 https://creativetvads.wixsite.com/ti-comb-mulit-tool 8 B-2 BOMBER Nano Blade http://www.bomberco.com/ 7 INFINITY CUBE https://www.bastiongear.com/ 6 Hooky Keychain http://www.hookykeychain.com/ 5 Tk-TUK https://tacticalkeychains.com/ 4 Keysmart https://getkeysmart.com/ 3 MSTR KEY https://mstrmndcollective.com/ 2 Weather Point 2 http://www.mindlabsolution.com/ 1 PMK – Paracord Magnet Keychain https://www.arktypedesign.com/ Thumbnail- Jackfish Survival […]

It’s a Burl – Short “Slice of Life” documentary

114 Short film about a painter and woodworker named Harvey Shinerock who uses Burl to create amazing furniture and art. Shot in Kerby, Oregon with a Canon 5dmk2 and a Kessler CineSlider. For more information please visit: http://www.tomguilmette.com/archives/1946 Likes: 114 Viewed: 15864