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Abies – Upholstered Furniture Production

5 A glimpse into Abies world! Likes: 5 Viewed: 687

The making of ‘Bird’.

36 A short film about a small ornamental Bird, designed by Jacob Pugh. Jacobs studio splinter designs create and craft furniture and interior products, combining traditional craft and contemporary design with longevity in mind. Likes: 36 Viewed: 4468

02. Table

218 Produced, Edited, Sound and Camera: Lesha Galkin Furniture made for APTEK bar. Russia, St-Petersburg, 2011 Likes: 218 Viewed: 23174

01. Bar Stool

164 Produced, Edited, Sound and Camera: Lesha Galkin Furniture made for ARTEK bar. Russia, St-Petersburg, 2011 Likes: 164 Viewed: 37398

Adaptable Street Furniture (teaser)

2 Along side the entrance of New Cross station (London) there is a wall… As this wall is built very low to the ground, people interact with it , frequently to sit on. The wall is slanted in various parts, due to the non wanted human contact with it. I decided to take the structure […]

Against obsolescence

218 Planned obsolescence is the design and manufacture of products that are deliberately intended to have a limited useful life. The result is that you are forced into an everlasting cycle of replacing, repurchasing and repeating. For 50 years we have stood by our common sense approach of living better, with less, that lasts longer. […]

Design Masters: Vignelli

225 Massimo and Lella Vignelli are designers who have created work in a wide variety of areas, including interior design, environmental design, package design, graphic design, furniture design, and product design. This interview explores the Vignelli’s methods, philosophies and work, which have shaped how we see and interact with design for the past 60 years. […]

Domino Furniture

1 Presentation of Domino Furniture concept. More info on www.k-funky.com Likes: 1 Viewed: 155