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Presence_A Set of Interactive Furniture

1 Presence is a set of interactive furniture. The design criticizes technology’s disruption of the present moment when people have a sense of self and are truly together. Technology often prevents us from connecting with others in real life. Presence raises awareness of our disruptive behavior, particularly with mobile phones, and offers a measure of […]

Sittie: Human-Powered Furniture

1 “Why build legs for tables and chairs? Humans already have great legs.” Designed & Built by Max Cougar Oswald Concept Inspired by John Edmark Film by Max & Lucas Oswald See more at www.MaxCougarOswald.com Likes: 1 Viewed:

“In Residence: Barnaba Fornasetti” by Matthew Donaldson – NOWNESS presents

84 Inside the Italian designer Barnaba Fornasetti’s Milan base, home to his late father, furniture and ceramics designer Piero Fornasetti. Read the full feature on NOWNESS: http://bit.ly/1zkMkPA Likes: 84 Viewed:

Abies – Upholstered Furniture Production

5 A glimpse into Abies world! Likes: 5 Viewed: 687

The making of ‘Bird’.

36 A short film about a small ornamental Bird, designed by Jacob Pugh. Jacobs studio splinter designs create and craft furniture and interior products, combining traditional craft and contemporary design with longevity in mind. Likes: 36 Viewed: 4468

02. Table

218 Produced, Edited, Sound and Camera: Lesha Galkin Furniture made for APTEK bar. Russia, St-Petersburg, 2011 Likes: 218 Viewed: 23174

01. Bar Stool

164 Produced, Edited, Sound and Camera: Lesha Galkin Furniture made for ARTEK bar. Russia, St-Petersburg, 2011 Likes: 164 Viewed: 37398

Adaptable Street Furniture (teaser)

2 Along side the entrance of New Cross station (London) there is a wall… As this wall is built very low to the ground, people interact with it , frequently to sit on. The wall is slanted in various parts, due to the non wanted human contact with it. I decided to take the structure […]

cay sofa alexander rehn

571 prototype – sofa concept After an exhausting day, there is nothing better than coming home to relax in front of the fireplace, the tv or to enjoy a good book. “cay”, which is a landscape for your livingroom, is able to react to these needs. The user is the protagonist, through his movement he […]