Cooking Steak with Lava

In this video, we see beef being grilled on molten hot metal. Fancy a lava roasted steak? A long trough was setup to further their understanding/ability to cook over and on (yes, on) lava! Next video: Courtesy of Jenny Wysocki, Robert Wysocki, Syracuse University Lava Project (C) 2014

15 Incredible Gadgets and Life hacks

Today I am going to share 15 ideas about making DIY gadget projects for a smartphone. In spite of the fact that you can buy it all many people are still trying to find ways save their money on such expenses. Just as in our case you can make fine DIY projects from old USB […]

(FoldiMate) The gadget that can fold your laundry perfectly with robot arms

It is 32in tall and 28in wide and can fit in most laundry rooms Users hang clothes and tell machine what type of garment it is Will be on the market in 2018 for $700 to $850 source

The Living Furniture Project

1 The Living Furniture Project is a social enterprise that helps get the homeless back on their feet. By sourcing old, discarded furniture and bringing in expert help they help teach the apprentices the techniques they require to become self-sufficient. Filmed and Edited by Fifth Wall Music – Al Green – Simply Beautiful (King […]

XBOX One C4D Model Speed build

Download the model for free – I thought I’d attempt to model an XBOX One in Cinema 4D. Now please bear in mind that this is not anatomically correct or to scale as I created it by eye from images of the Xbox that I found on Google image search! For fun I recorded […]