10 Banned Foods

Maybe something you eat every day is banned in Timbuktu because of toxins you’ve never heard of? Or maybe you’ve never had a delicious foreign delicacy because of an overbearing government? If you want to find out what we’re all missing out on from Kinder Surprise Eggs to Mountain Dew, check out 10 Banned Foods […]

Russian TV Shows an Undercover CIA Agent Decked by Embassy Policeman For Not Identifying Himself

Russia Insider website https://www.russia-insider.com/en Source NTV https://www.youtube.com/user/ntvru Russian television broadcast footage of a policeman tackling a man the report said was an undercover CIA agent trying to enter the U.S. embassy in Moscow without identifying himself. In the grainy, approximately 15-second clip, the man exits a taxi and is almost immediately tackled by a policeman […]