TV SHOW MASHUP – 20 Songs in 3 Minutes!! ft. Madilyn Bailey & Sam Tsui

Can you name all these songs??? These are a bunch of the biggest TV show theme songs all mashed together 🙂 There were a lot more than I wanted to include too.. Which of your favorite theme songs did we miss? And the secret word is “cartoon” 😛 And yes we did record and film […]

LBP2 – “TV SHOWS” [Funny Film] [Full-HD]

This is a really funny film in LittleBigPlanet2 by UltimateShadowJT, I hope you enjoy! :] Here the level link: My facebook Fanpage: Subscribe for free if you want to watch more epic LBP2 videos! ^-^ source

Unnecessary Censorship of Kids’ TV Shows

Inspired by Jimmy Kimmel Live’s hilarious “This Week in Unnecessary Censorship” segments, we once again bring you our own edition. This time we bleep and blur kids shows. There is nothing better than implying kids, kid-friendly dinosaurs, and creepy guys who live in cartoon houses with big-headed blue dogs are saying and/or doing awful, nasty […]