Teriyaki Sauce and Thick Teriyaki Glaze Recipe

Recipe Video for Thin and Thick Teriyaki Sauce
Full recipe:

Learn how to make a finger licking good Teriyaki Sauce from scratch. You can use this sauce on many different food dishes; I love to use the thick sweet teriyaki sauce by brushing it on to some tender spare ribs or some juicy fried chicken wings.

– Garlic and Ginger (1x small bit of each)
– 1 tsp Sesame seed oil + 2 tsp olive oil
– 50 g Brown Sugar (1.76 oz)
– 150 ml Soy Sauce (0.63 US Cup)
– 150 ml Mirin (0.63 US Cup)
– 50 ml Sake (0.21 US Cup)
– Toasted Sesame seeds (for thick sauce)

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  1. Can someone explain to me how an amateur with a speech impediment has 2 million views and the Asians with actual experience working in a kitchen only have like half as many likes? It's a myshtery.

  2. I made up a simpler recipe which I always use:

    You will need:
    Soy sauce

    You take the soy sauce and pour it it a bowl. Add the desired amount of sugar.
    Then microwave for 30 seconds and add flour or cornstarch to thicken. Microbe again and mix. Now it’s ready! P.S. I made it up and it WORKS, try it!

  3. If the issue about spelling your name is not an issue, why bring it up in conversation? Grating the skin off the ginger stretches its use; but never mind. You can substitute mirin with a combination of water, sugar, rice vinegar, and a pinch of salt, but again…. never mind.

    Go into Souped Up Recipes"… she is wonderful, and does something most don't… she almost always mentions substitutes and methods, which we all can use.


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