That was terrifying.

That was terrifying.

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  1. I was Skype interviewed by some people in Michigan & they were some of the most cheerful people I’ve ever seen. I’d say things like, “Well, it’s 90 degree here in Georgia” & they’d all crack up laughing! I’m sitting there thinking, “Ok, I didn’t tell a joke, but they’re acting like I did, so, hey! Ok!”

  2. God I hope this guy wasn’t fired. Someone on air who was honest and not faking a persona to appeal to fit a mechanical role? WONDERFUL! I’d watch this guy daily… If I lived in Michigan.

  3. Thats my local TV station Fox 17! I went on a field trip to their set for a filming class, and snuck behind the couch and hid a piece of paper with a secret message in the cushion crack…just so when I see them sitting on their couch on TV I know a little part of me is somewhere in the frame!

    There’s a reason i stopped watching proper TV and went to the web a long time ago.

  5. I mean in the defense of everyone who lives in these areas..We are all generally jaded as fuck at this time of the year because we have had 6 months of grey skys and nearly endless yea..we are miserable cunts.

  6. This is my local weather guy. I can confirm that every morning this week I havent been sure to wear sweaters and pants and winter coat, shorts and t shirt or somewhere in the middle.

  7. Detroiter here. The high is 73 today, Monday the high is supposed to be 39. Saturday it’s supposed to rain, snow and storm in the same day. I love Michigan, but I hate it.


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