The Absolute Worst Challenges On Man V Food

Some challenges on Man v Food were better than others, and some were downright painful to watch. It’s time to revisit a few of the most crushing defeats and painful victories that Adam Richman faced while he hosted the show.

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Hellfire wings | 0:14
The Hawaiian Mac Daddy pancake | 1:18
The 15 Dozen Club | 2:12
The Absolutely Ridiculous Burger | 3:11
Hellfire spicy tuna roll challenge | 4:30
The Gigante | 5:29
The Kodiak Arrest | 6:38
A 72-ounce steak | 7:33
The Dagwood Challenge | 8:39
The Kitchen Sink | 9:41

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  1. One way to beat these challenges is to go in hungry. Don’t eat anything the day of before you go and maybe have an early dinner the night before. He often snacks in between these things. Obviously it won’t Guarantee you will win, but it’ll give you a little better of a chance.


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