The Epic Of Gilgamesh In Sumerian

The Epic Of Gilgamesh In Sumerian

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  1. What I really find amazing is that in the history of human civilization, we have advanced so much. We have created incredible technology, accomplished incredible feats (both good and terrible), and have accumulated so much knowledge and disseminated amongst most of the people on this planet.

    And yet…art has not really gotten any “better”. It has changed sure, but the great works of art from thousands of years ago are just as meaningful and powerful as the great works of art from modern times. This might seem stupid or lame to some people, but it’s something I find comfort in. It makes me feel genuinely connected to people from the past. Our lives seem so different from theres, and yet the human experience has largely remained unchanged.

  2. Is there a sub for ancient music? I try to look for it on YouTube and it seems hard to find anything “genuine”. As much as I love the Total War soundtrack, I’d like something a little more authentic.


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