The Gadget Show – Series 1 Episode 1

In Series 1 Episode 1 of The Gadget Show (aired 7th June 2004) – Suzi makes movies with some camcorders, Jason builds a H.U.D. in his car and John finds out if Plasma TV’s are any good.

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  1. Ahhhhhh, before it all went down the toilet and started dedicating what feels like half the show to competition time, such a waste of a great show 🙁

  2. Oh my word the nostalgia…. I remember watching this on a tiny crt in my room after school with really patchy analogue signal for channel 5

  3. Wow, I remember this, forgot this stated back in 2004, back watching this on my 21 inch CRT which didn't always get a good signal on Channel 5 due to then living near a forest and the trees disrupting the signal! Thanks for uploading, good to look back and see how far the tech in these old episodes has changed since then.

    I actually prefer these old episodes when they spent more time on the gadgets themselves and explained them more, compared to new ones which seem more about challenges and more higher tech gadgets most of us can't afford.

  4. The fact this is in 1080i is impressive to me!! XDDD 10 points to the Gadget show crew for upscaling this from the 480p source that would be used in 2004!!! 😛

  5. just to think apple nicked all the idea's from those and claim they invented the smart phone, the problem is most people believe apple


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