The Greatest Blood Recipes

From chocolate syrup dripping from victims on black and white film, to Dick Smith’s realistic concoction that almost saddled Taxi Driver an X rating, fake blood has evolved and changed throughout the years, creatively adapting to whatever the story needs. Movie blood, in its many consistencies, colors and forms, has been an historical and essential part of the filmmaker’s toolkit. So just in time for Halloween, Dez and Joey walk us through several recipes for fake movie blood that you can make yourself at home, including the famous recipe from legendary makeup effects artist Dick Smith.

**Turn on CC for the titles of film clips featured in this video**

Check out the full list of ingredients with links, including Dick Smith’s recipe, HERE:

Important Reminder: Any time you are shooting movies that include blood effects, gore, violence, or weapons, please let your neighbors (or school campus / authorities) know in advance that you will be shooting these types of scenes, and that all props and effects are fake. Most film schools have strict rules in place for this, especially for prop weapons. Stay informed, be prepared, and you can keep it fun.


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Comment (42)

  1. Me: calls 911
    911: this is 911 what's your emergency?!
    Me: there's blood everywhere and I don't know where tf I am!!!!
    911: ok calm down what are your surroundings!?
    Me: 2 guys with bowls, red food coloring, corn syrup and mixie thingys!!!!
    911: are u sure they arent making fake blood!?
    Me: I know that the are making fake blood!!!
    911: what's the problem then?!
    911: hangs up Bleeeep!
    Idk what this was I am just really bored

  2. Well, all the blood looks fake as fuck. I watch your videos randomly, congratz for the stuff you create but this one is just misleading title. Regular fake blood, good for some parody but not for serious stuff, unless lighted well dark scene.

  3. First of all, If you aren't using powdered pigments  DC Red 33 and FDC Yellow number 4, then the Dick Smith recipe won't look right. Second, you can't just mix the powders into Karo Syrup. they have to be dissolved and mixed completely into water before adding them.

  4. You guys are giving wrong information, and not showing how to make any proper formulas. Dishwashing liquid is added in small amounts to blood, not to make it easy to wash off (The amount of color used determines that) but to make it not bead up on skin and soak into fabric properly. Also you don't stress the fact that you have to mix it very well, and not just a couple of stirs, or the ingredients won't incorporate properly. I wish that people who glean small amounts of info on a given subject would not try to pass themselves off as experts.

  5. I'm looking to have an out of focus shot with lots of blood on the walls, but since I don't want to mess the walls I plan to have clear plastic sheeting on the walls. Just wondering if the shot could be created so the blood could be seen but the sheeting isn't visible due to the blur? Or is there a better way to get the shot?

  6. comments: why put any toxic stuff in it? I imagine you can use something like pancake batter to thicken it. is there any other food bases?

    Also, I think the mouth capsule was supposed to be sour so you get a good reaction from the actor.

  7. To save sometime I just grabbed my nearest knife and my left hand and i cut my palm put all of the fake blood into a cup and scared my friends, only one side affect after 2 or 3 minutes you get a little dizzy but other than that its ok.

    BTW I went to the Hospital after this comment.

  8. Hi guys,

    I hope you are well. Big fun of your tutorial, you are a after effects guru.

    I am stuck with something and I was wondering if you you share some of your wisdom with me.

    I need to have a newspaper that my actor is reading to start melting and turn into a pool of blood.

    How could I achieve this?

    Many thanks for taking the time to read this.



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