The Marble Olympics is Way More Interesting Than it Sounds

The Marble Olympics is Way More Interesting Than it Sounds

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  1. For those watching it and wanting to get involved, I’d recommend choosing one team from each of the four relay race (4 teams each with 4 runs means 16 teams) allowing you by the end of the video to have 4 potential teams to root for and have win.

    Did it myself and ended up winning, needless to say I’m very happy for my little marble friends 🙂

  2. fuck this im never rooting for the fucking snowballs again. they give me hope and then continually let me down with every event. Even in the funnel they were battling at the top 2 spot at the top funnel and immediately throw it away and end up being the first eliminated. They really just put any marble on that team dont they

  3. Maybe it’s because I’m pretty baked, but by the end of that I was pulling for the Jawbreakers.

    Edit: I am watching the other videos now. I feel like Team Primary is the favorite, but I don’t like them. They seem so plain.

    Edit 2: I feel like the O’rangers are a good backup team. I just like them, they seem more fun.

    Edit 3: I don’t like the Chocolatiers either. They seem like they expect to win.

    Edit 4: The Limers are a good, honest team.

    Edit 5: The Shining Swarm are cheaters. “Oh, I’ll just grab onto the launcher so I don’t get knocked off.” That’s just cheap.

    Edit 6: Oceanics are just a middling style. Galactic is much more interesting.

    Edit 7: Oh man, that Team Momo injury was tragic.

    Edit 8: Seriously, if this was a film, Team Primary would be Cobra Kai.

    Edit 9: Bullshit, the Limers should have gotten that in the Fidget Spinner Collision

    Edit 10: Man, the Jawbreakers are killing me with their constant losses.

    Edit 11: I fucking knew it. Team Primary gets disqualified because they cheated. And even the Primary fans are douches, starting fights.

    Edit 12: Of course the Savage Speeders are going to win the dashes.

    Edit 13: I feel so bad for Momomomo but at least he’s able to watch his former team.

    Edit 14: Oh, come the fuck on Jawbreakers. We’re at event 8 and you still haven’t placed?

    Edit 15: The O’rangers fans are annoying as hell.

    Edit 16: The Shining Swarm are a good Cinderella story.

  4. Okay, can I seriously ask what the fuck?

    This video got recommended to me early today out of absolutely nowhere and now you’re telling me this glorious content is on the front page???

    What is happening.

  5. Once you’re in there’s no going back lol my significant other and I love it. We don’t know why or how we got into it all we know is that we watch them which such excitement and happiness lol we both have favorite teams and all. He just makes it feel like the marbles are real people lol

  6. That’s just the qualifying, here is the [2018 Winter Marble Olympics in its entirety]( including the Opening Ceremony, awards presentation and Closing Ceremonies.

    ^^0:01 ^^Opening ^^Ceremony
    ^^3:40 ^^Event ^^1: ^^5 ^^meter ^^Ice ^^Dash
    ^^8:53 ^^Event ^^2: ^^Ski ^^Jump
    ^^13:57 ^^Event ^^3: ^^Halfpipe
    ^^26:09 ^^Event ^^4: ^^Bobsled
    ^^34:13 ^^Event ^^5: ^^Speed ^^Skating
    ^^42:31 ^^Event ^^6: ^^Team ^^Pursuit
    ^^56:57 ^^Event ^^7: ^^Snow ^^Rally
    ^^1:00:41 ^^Event ^^8: ^^Snowboard ^^Cross
    ^^1:05:24 ^^Event ^^9: ^^Curling
    ^^1:33:24 ^^Event ^^10: ^^Biathlon
    ^^1:47:04 ^^Event ^^11: ^^Ice ^^Hockey
    ^^2:08:02 ^^Event ^^12: ^^Mogul ^^Race
    ^^2:13:52 ^^Closing ^^Ceremony ^^/ ^^Credits


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