The Wire explains capitalism using Chicken McNuggets

The Wire explains capitalism using Chicken McNuggets

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  3. itt: a bunch of people who missed the point of a video where a bunch of hood people assume what goes for white restaurant franchisees is the same that what goes for baltimore drug dealers, the only reality they know — which itself is a commentary on the discrepancy in America

    nice job guys, keep fact checking about McDonald’s historic accuracy on the internet to show how smart you are!

  4. when you bring up capitalism it makes me think of a man that he looks at me when i was talking to my brother he was a little different than the most beautiful boy ever and he is the most part you have to ask my nephew is the best thing ever.

  5. This doesn’t explain capitalism at all. No where in this clip was it even mentioned. This was a discussion about corporatism.

    Capitalism ≠ Corporatism

  6. The guy might be wrong about what actually happened, but in most cases employees come up with profitable things and gain nothing extra from it in terms of compensation.

  7. I like how they make it seem like the McNugget takes 4-6 bites to eat. Like one McNugget is a damned meal. “Hey, I got a six piece for all three of us, you want some?”

  8. McDonalds didn’t actually invent the chicken nugget, a chicken producing company did and pitched them the idea. The guy who invented is doing very well.


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