This is what real “i just murdered someone” shock looks like

This is what real “i just murdered someone” shock looks like

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  1. Either drugs were involved or he’s coming out of a psychotic break. If it’s a psychotic break can’t imagine how devastated he will be once reality fully kicks back in and he remembers what he did.

  2. My ex-wife used to make threats that she was going to kill me when she was upset and even pulled a meat cleaver on me once. She had borderline personality disorder, so she was incredibly volatile. The relationship was incredibly toxic. When I was with her I wanted to die every or I wanted her to die. I wanted one of us to die so there’s finally be some peace. It was that hellish living there.

    One day she lit slip that she was disregarding everything her therapist was saying, meanwhile I’m busting my ass with my own therapist trying to make things better. That’s the moment I realized the only way this would end is if I killed myself or one of us murdered the other. It was never going to get better. She couldn’t get better.

    So I left. I finally left. I packed up my shit, moved across the country, and cut off all contact afterwards. I became a fucking ghost. The relief I felt when I was finally free was nearly overwhelming. I fully believed I prevented one of us from turning into this guy.

    I had never laid a hand on my wife ever, but when she had me pinned against the wall, screaming in my face, and not letting me walk away, I thought to myself, “You’re bigger, you can choke the shit out of her and she’d stop.” Thank God I never did. I didn’t want to become that guy. And now I never will. And I no longer feel for my life because I don’t have someone threatening that I might not wake up in the morning.

    If you’re in an abusive relationship, get out. They fucking change who you are at your core being. Any one of us could easily become this guy. Even if you’re a kind, incredibly chill dude like I was away from her. They fucking poison you from the inside. Either that or they follow through with their rage one day and you don’t get to see the sunrise anymore.

    Edit: Let me clarify, I’m not sympathizing with this guy. He did a monstrous thing. The point of my story is that I’m grateful that my wife didn’t stab me to death like she repeatedly threatened to. I’m also grateful I didn’t put myself in a situation where police came to my door like that.

    I don’t know why this guy did what he did. But he did what he did and belongs in prison for it. There’s no excuse. I shared my story to say that a toxic relationship can end with someone dead and you need to get out of it as quickly as possible. Toxic relationships warp you and bad shit happens. I left before it happened and I hope others do as well.


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