This new Little Caesars commercial is really inspiring

This new Little Caesars commercial is really inspiring

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  1. Wow this is actually kind of brilliant for a company that makes 5 dollar pizza
    Edit: Ha wow… y’all are too fucking paranoid. I must be a shill if i’m surprised a company that makes shitty ass 5 buck pizza made a hilarious commercial.

  2. Hello fellow pizza-loving redditors, it is I, another pizza-loving redditor. This commercial was so funny, haha, I think I’ll go buy a piping hot little caesars pizza now…

  3. Haha what a funny commercial! I can’t believe how good Little Caesar’s™ pizza is at such a low price! And it’s hot and ready to be picked up anytime!

  4. #Tips for Better Little Caesar’s Pizza:

    – Always get custom. Even if you do a basic pepperoni or cheese, or any other typically “Hot n Ready”, it ensures you get one fresh, and it’s usually only $0.50 more.

    – Order with light sauce. Usually it’s employees who don’t give a fuck making your pizza, so they just slop on a big ol’ heaping and barely spread it around. Ordering light sauce means less of the cheap ass sauce, and they usually pay more attention to spreading.

    – Request the ICB seasoning on your pizzas. This is the seasoning that goes on the Italian Cheesy Bread, and makes a huge difference in flavor. For extra umph, get a little ICB sauce on top. Makes it a little greasier, but if you’re okay with that then it really add to the pizza. Usually no charge.

    – Many of ’em got free little packs of cookies for little kids. Tell ’em you got a kid waiting back in the car or some shit. Doesn’t make your pizza better, but free cookies is free cookies, bitch.

    – If your location is absolute shit, it’s probably due to employees. The food quality varies INSANELY based on quality of employees, as the dough is made in the store, not shipped frozen, so the pizzas are made by hand from start to finish. Good crew that gives a shit makes a world of difference. So the biggest tip? Find a good location, or head to a different pizza joint, as most other major franchises have consistency down due to frozen dough being shipped to the store rather than dough made there.

    **EDIT:** Yikes, just trying to be helpful. I know there are plenty of peeps like me who don’t have a ton of money and go to Little Caesar’s for that reason, so making a few bucks stretch a little further means something to me.

  5. The Hot n’ Ready pizzas are so fucking bad for you.

    They have so much preservatives and fake shit in them. They make a Pizza Hut supreme pizza look like a garden salad.

  6. Instead of spending money on shitty advertising maybe try making your pizza actually edible. Then perhaps people who actually have the means to choose what they eat might buy little Caesars.

  7. People are complaining about this being a commercial, but the truth is this commercial is more entertaining and has better production values than most of the other posts on the frontpage of /r/videos. I’m not an idiot, I can tell when something is trying to sell me something, if they’re going to make me laugh in the process why should I give a shit what their motive is. I’ve never bought a little caesars pizza and I don’t think this cute ad will change that.

  8. I hate little ceasers so much. Its so disgusting and artifical, its hard to stomach. Only time I eat it, is when im broke as heck and have no other choice. And thats real rare, considering dominos has pizza for pretty much the same exact price, except it doesnt taste like complete garbage.


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