This scene makes me anxious every time I watch it (No Country for Old Men)

This scene makes me anxious every time I watch it (No Country for Old Men)

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  1. It’s nihilism.

    The Coen brothers are fascinated by nihilism, you can see it cropping up over and over in their films.

    > Are these men Nazis Walter?
    > No, Donny, these men are nihilists, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

    The reason (maybe) this scene disturbs you is the pointlessness of it. There is nothing to gain, Chigurh gains nothing by killing the shopkeeper, but he would have done it without hesitating based on that coin. He’s proceeding through life, with no morals and there are no consequences for this.

    There is no happy ending, the good guys do not have their moment. Nobody. Cares.

    The idea of the film is to pull everything out from under you. Life isn’t funny, or happy, or sad, or meaningful. It’s bleak, and pointless; it must be otherwise Chigurh couldn’t do what he does.

  2. Saw the movie in the middle of the night during my second 65-hour work week. I was having one of those existential crises on why do I have to work, live,… etc. Needless to say, this scene was the pinnacle of the night, and relived a lot of my stress for unknown reasons!

  3. i love this movie, but the writing in this scene always pissed me off. He comes in just doing business, paying for his goods and the fuel, the shop keep begins to small-talk with “you getting any rain up your way?” and Chigurh takes exception to the intrusive question, it’s set the scene as the unassuming shop-keep to be the antagonist baiting in the villians hatred to nosey questions and small talk. Chigurh calls him out asking him what business it is as to where he is from and staples the point home with “friendo.” He keeps calling out the shop keep on the intrusiveness of his innocent question to prove his greater point. But then Chigurh volley’s back with his own intrusive questions about “what time do you close?” and “you don’t know what you’re talking about do you?” “what time do you go to bed?” “you live out back in that house?” Chigurh is taking the more evolved roll of small talk being awkward and intrusive in nature and has no place in the “new country” where only goal oriented communication is the path we should take and evolve as a species to only speak when absolute facts need to be spoken.

  4. I heard someone say it was stupid to have a “favorite movie” recently.

    To them I say suck my wrinkled peanut wrapper friendo, No Country for Old Men is my favorite movie.

  5. runs more showers over my back during that short sequence than michael myers, freddy kruger and chucky could ever do in all their (and coming) movies. it is definitly on one level with the first hannibal/clarice scene in silence of the lambs.

  6. I’m going to get downvoted to hell and back, but honestly I didn’t like this movie. I found it boring and slow. Bad-haircut didn’t creep me out. Mustache looks like he wanted to be Burt Reynolds. Was Tommy Lee Jones in this one, or am I thinking of a different movie?
    Either way… my partner claimed it was a terrifying movie and the first time he saw it, he couldn’t sleep.
    I just… was bored. Maybe I was in the wrong mood, but it lacked suspense. They even robbed us of the <spoiler> mustache death scene </spoiler>.
    I totally know this is going to get me blasted, but the fact remains I just didn’t enjoy this movie at all. I don’t get what all the fuss was about.

  7. Love this movie. However, I feel like any old Texas gas station attendant would have a big K frame smith and Wesson under the counter. In a movie about encountering things that are more evil and violent than you expected, It would be an amazing plot twist if Chigurh encountered that in the simple gas station clerk.

  8. I love the gun fights in this movie so much. The scene where Moss escapes the cartel guys showing up to the deal gone wrong right before this scene and the one where he is escaping his hotel room are so damn intense.

  9. If you just read the dialogue from that scene you would think it’s the most boring, mundane scene. But watching it played out, it is simply amazing to see how much a good actor can inject into a scene without using the dialogue.

  10. I wasn’t that anxious when I first saw it. I mean, the guy didn’t do anything wrong, there is reason to kill him. He is not going to… oh… wow… he killed him… damn.

  11. I still havent been able to find a movie that can match no country for old men. The scene where the guy returns to his motel and sees another truck pulled infront of his room made me anxious as hell. Anyone have any recommendations for similar movies? or any movies shot as well as this one, even if the plot and style is completely different. Every website i’ve found for recomendations just says “sicario, cartel land, other generic action movies”


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