Thor 3: Ragnarok – 1987 Trailer

Thor 3: Ragnarok – 1987 Trailer

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  1. Just saw this movie a few days ago. Marvel needs to do more stuff like this. Keep the big world ending threats for every fourth of fifth movie and make more fun side adventures

    Ok… This had a world ending threat too, but it was irellevent for the middle portion of the story.

  2. That was pretty awesome but there was far too much VCR interference. This kind of stuff truly annoys me. It’s obvious to me that the person who added those effects has never handled VHS tapes in his life. I used to tape shows and movies and had a big library of them and it never got this bad.

    Usually the interference and fuzz happens at the beginning and end of the tape because that’s the part that’s got more strain put on it because of rewinding and re-inserting the tape into the VCR. The middle part is usually completely fine. Grindhouse is one of the few movies that got this right and even though that was film not videotape the same principles apply.

  3. It’s just so well done…

    I mean, they even chose shots where it looked like shitty camera work to fit with the old style theme.

    And those cut-ins of old style hulk.

    It’s perfect.

  4. Too much VCR tracking errors. It should have cleared up after the first few seconds as someone adjusted the tracking.

    Then they also should have credited Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk and Mark as BB.

    But overall really good. Loved the bad special effects.

  5. When they were showing all the characters but the Hulk at first, I thought “Well, there’s no way they could show the Hulk and make him look 80’s”… and then Lou Ferrigno appeared.


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