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Top 10 TV Shows That Ripped Off Other TV Shows

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Originality in Hollywood is, for all intents and purposes, dead. There’s no getting around it. After all, there are only so many types of stories that can be told. That’s why you see so many sequels and reboots, and even some movies released at the same time, featuring eerily similar plotlines. Who can forget the Volcano/Dante’s Peak catastrophe of 1997, which costs hundreds of lives and millions of taxpayer dollars?

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10. The Honeymooners vs. The Flintstones
9. Sherlock vs. Elementary
8. Psych vs. The Mentalist
7. The Simpsons vs. Family Guy
6. Big Brother vs. Glass House
5. The Amazing Race vs. Expedition: Impossible
4. Pop/American Idol vs. The X-Factor
3. Kitchen Nightmares vs. Restaurant: Impossible
2. Wife Swap vs. Trading Spouses
1. Flip That House vs. Flip This House

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