Uncle Roger SHOCKED by the WORST Fried Rice Video (Kay's Cooking)

Kay’s original weejio:

Thanks to Sasa Melezatkan for sponsoring this weejio! If you in Indonesia, check out their Javanese fried rice seasoning!

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Comment (42)

  1. hey there i see Gordon Ramsay was shocked and rage no joke. and why am I reacting to this worst fried video again oh right btw I already understand and two I understand and btw I already got the point what I am trying to comment here… anywho i just seen gordon ramsay was reacting to some tik tok videos

  2. Sesame knife LMFAO 😂🤭 no lies ok when I first tried to do fried rice I was a kiddo and used raw rice. I learnt yeah Nah u MUST COOK DA RICE FIRST. SO YUP I WASTED SO MANY INGREDIENTS AND GOTTA EAR FULL FROM MII MA


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