VINTAGE Kitchen GADGET Test #3 – Do They Work?

I’ve collected a bunch of old fashioned kitchen gadgets to see if they still work. New videos every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday!

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  1. You can stuff it with hamburger or ground turkey. Yummy!! I do LOVE the way that did a double curl. Never seen one before. I can't even imagine where you found it. A GREAT find on you're part Emmy!!

  2. We had a nut Chopper like you had there , that looks like a biscuit cutter, except ours had a serrated edge it worked best inside of a bowl. That kept the nuts from flying everywhere.

  3. I have the mincer/noodle cutter. I've only used mine for cutting noodles. it works much better through dough than it does through bread. just dip in flour each time so it doesn't stick.

  4. The herb chopper is what my Grandmother used to make her homemade Kluski noodles that she always made with her chicken soup. I still have her original one from the 20's and I have a newer one that I use now. They really do work great… especially is you let your dough rest for about 20 minutes.

  5. My granny had a kwik chop she used it to cut biscuits and on cabbage to make coleslaw. You mentioned it being good for kids, and I have many memories of using it to chop cabbage when I was little.

  6. Run your herb chopper over several sheets of aluminum foil 8-10 times, then over a folded over sheet of wax paper. The foil will sharpen the blades and the wax paper will lubricate the wheels. This works for scissors and other cutting implements.

  7. I just had to share my story about my vintage gadgets.
    My mom is my grandma who raised me so she has all types of vintage kitchen utensils she is very particular about her things so everything she has bought has lasted because she takes such good care of her things so when I moved out at 18 got things from her to help furnish my home with my BF who is now my husband of 12 years so one evening we were making mashed potatoes and I grab my potato masher that I got from my mom wooden Handle a little rust spots here another but the part that you actually touched food with had no issues so all of our dinner was done and all that was left was mashing the potatoes and I start mashing and one the idk 5th go around I push down and when I pull up the handle falls off and as it does it scraped the metal and literally dusts the whole top of the mashed potatoes with a boat load of rust… it was terrible and funny 😂 we opted to buy a brand new one and keep that masher on a hook over our oven as a reminder that even if something gets old and breaks down it’s worth keeping if it has wonderful memories attached. Also I Good laugh every time we cook is nice to think remember that time we rusted the potatoes 😂

  8. I’ve had one of those waffle fries "decorative cutters" my whole life.
    It’s also excellent for cutting cheese for party platters as well as carrots & cucumbers for soups & salads. 😃

  9. I know it’s probably been said, but methinks Theodore Geisel moonlighted by composing verse for commercial products. Love the cute poetry’s!


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