We made a Tesla commercial for a contest. We hope it resonates with Elon Musk… presenting “Spaceships. For Earth.”

We made a Tesla commercial for a contest. We hope it resonates with Elon Musk… presenting “Spaceships. For Earth.”

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  1. Sorry, never seen the inside of one of these, only seen them driving around. Is that huge tablet thing in the center console real or was that some artistic liberties the video makers took given the image the video was supposed to depict?

  2. That was awesome. Unfortunately the title spoils the ending. The “Spaceships for earth” reveal would have had much more impact if i hadn”t seen it coming from before I started the video.

  3. good work! unfortunately contests for creative work are terrible for creatives. i wish companies would stop doing them. it’s basically a way to get dozens of ads out there for free while only actually having to spend the money on one of them. if your video isn’t picked you’ve just spend time and energy and money for nothing and they could theoretically still take the idea you’ve presented and recycle it somehow for their own purposes.

  4. Seems well enough done i suppose, but the fact that the *back* door opens when he is walking up to the car is going to irritate me for far longer than it should. Did he get in and crawl over the center ~~condole~~ console?

  5. I get that Musk is involved in SpaceX, but nothing about Tesla really makes me thing “Spaceship”. Matter of fact, when I think spaceship I think combustion

  6. It’s a good ad, but I think Tesla is trying to make their vehicles more approachable to the average consumer. Saying Tesla cars are spaceship, might send the message that they are overly complicated to operate and/or very expensive to buy and maintain.

  7. Enough with the polite dick sucking. The production is obviously quality but the main idea of ‘Spaceships. For Earth’ just comes off as silly and is made even more so by the weak sauce road you chose. It makes about as much sense as saying ‘Boats. For land.’

    You can do better.

  8. It’s a good concept that is generally well made but has a few pretty big issues with pacing. The whole “ignition sequence, 3, 2, 1, liftoff” segment felt very unexciting for what should have been a momentous and thrilling moment. Having that countdown and then the immortal word “liftoff” leading us to simply a shot of the car driving slowly down the road…it just felt very disappointing. That moment should have given us chills but instead it just kind of…happens.

    There’s some good stuff in here and like I said I love the concept, but it really needs some work on the edit, especially in the second half.

  9. He’s mowing a mowed lawn. Then he’s ironing a shirt with screen printing. Then he’s washing dishes without soap.

    Then he gets into his car be opening the back doors.

    How did this goober afford a Model X? It gives me hope.

  10. It’s great but “ignition sequence…blast off” just brings the image of all that fuel burning and fire and smoke: the opposite of what Tesla is all about.

  11. it’s a well cut video, nice work.

    my only complaint is that typically you want “the hero” of the commercial to be someone you can identify with or wish to be. this guy’s depression hits too close to home. you don’t want the message to be, “are you a loser who’s completely out of his element? boy have we got a product for you.”

  12. As someone with two national spots under my belt, I have to say that this misses the mark by a pretty wide margin. It doesn’t really make sense, and there’s no real emotional appeal. I’d also suggest changing your A7’s picture profile so that it’s not quite so flat, or do some color grading.

  13. Very good concept and overall commercial. I just don’t think Elon wants to target “space”, my understanding he wants the Tesla to be the everyday car for everyone. But what do I know…

  14. It’s a good concept but oddly executed. It’s a bit off putting to have a clearly insane person be the focus of the video. It would have worked much better with a child.

    Reimagine the video, but with a child who is obsessed with space travel. Same bed, but leave out the shower and the newspaper business, that’s just weird.

    Maybe throw in him dressing up the dog as an astronaut.

    But have it end with him riding in the car at night looking at the stars with his helmet on.

  15. I’m confused. Does this guy just all of the sudden remember that he has a Tesla? Would make more sense if he sees a Tesla for the first time then test drives it.

    Edit: Also, Why is he reading a newspaper that man has landed on the moon in the same era when Teslas are available?

  16. oh thank god it was a third party. elon would never approve this shit because it looks ridiculous like tesla thinks they’re better than everyone. elon might like it but he could never have it coming from tesla.

  17. This was bad, but it looked good, which made it even worse. Some cool shots, but weak concept and execution. Seems like a case of production guys wanting to make their own thing. You need a creative to join your team and help you.

    You just have a guy in an old astronaut suit living a normal life, but he’s unfulfilled. Until a tesla magically shows up in his driveway! The end.

    Why not show him (as a her) want to be an astronaut from birth. First fully suited, then as she gets older, pieces of her costume (love for being spaceman) slowly chip away. And also as she grows older, and slowly gives up on her dream, we see her building a life of responsibility. Then as she goes to throw away a small model space shuttle on her desk (to make room for a family photo or something), you shift focus as she eyes a telsa out the window and we see a flash of intrigue go across her face. Being a spaceman is still possible. Then cut to her driving, the end.

  18. There are some nice production elements here. Congrats on that. The tag line is good too. This type of advertising is used for brands looking to increase awareness. Tesla has what marketers call high brand awareness. If you’re​ really interested in making commercials I’d target CPG companies. If you’re just a Elon Musk fan learn to be an engineer.

  19. Two things I do not understand when watching this:

    1. Why do you brush so vigorously with an electric toothbrush? Looks really silly.

    2. Why do the rear doors of your model X open when you are going to drive it?

  20. This was actually a terrible commercial. They spent most of it hyping up space travel – this huge, inspiring thing, unmatched by anything else in this world. Dream big. Don’t forget the final frontier, etc.

    Then they show the Tesla like, “oh, and here’s a car.”

    One of the allures of Tesla is that it’s so different and modern…COMPARED TO OTHER CARS. Don’t juxtapose a Tesla to goddamn space travel. Space travel wins. Every time.

  21. Title is interesting and has potential but you’re not selling it. You don’t make me feel like it’s a spaceship nor do I get why he would think it’s a spaceship. Is it because musk runs SpaceX?


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