When Fried Chicken is Life.

When Fried Chicken is Life.

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  1. Well, glad I decided to keep browsing reddit before bed.

    I could have gone to bed depressed thinking I wasted time.

    I wouldn’t have known that my only real regret would have been missing this video. The hole in my life would be there, and it would never have been filled.

    But now I am complete. Thank you Fried Chicken Music Video.

    Thank you.

  2. I went directly from David Gilmour doing Wish You Were Here live unplugged, to this. And I enjoyed both in different ways, but equally as much. The internet is fantastic.

  3. Man I sat through the whole thing chuckling at all the little clever bits and the brilliance of the whole thing.

    But then the credits rolled, and I straight up lol’d at the un-edited dancing-in-the-median bit. That was epic.

  4. “My Friends gather for an intervention, to mention that I have a problem…But I’m black so I carry a revolver…they left, but I guess it’s for the best.”
    Holy shit I’m dying!

  5. It’s actually very comical, and very well done. But damn, I can see racists taking this and running with it, twisting it due to the stereotypes of chicken and watermelon,.

    KFC though? Bleh! Popeye’s is where it’s at!

  6. Good ol’ fashion racism, bringing people together with some light humor. This is really well done. Too bad they didn’t have an industrial fan to blow on the guy with the white shirt.

  7. Serious question: Is Popeye’s spicy wings actually spicy or am I being gipped?

    I got popeyes yesterday, asked for the #5- 5 chicken wings, spicy, except i didn’t taste any heat. IT was just salty if anything. Is this supposed ot be it? Am I missing something? Am I getting cheated out of spicy fried chicken? Have I eaten too much spicy Samyang noodles to taste the spice?


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