When your friend doesn’t know a character dies but you do

When your friend doesn’t know a character dies but you do

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  1. I was watching A New Hope with my daughter for her first time. We were at the part when obi wan just shut off the tractor beams when out of the blue she says “obi wan is my favorite character in this movie.” She took what happened 4 minutes later very well.

  2. Donno if I have to add this but major spoilers for Baldur’s Gate 2 below.

    About five years ago I had had a friend ask me for help getting into Baldur’s Gate 2 as he knew it was my favorite game of all time and it can be a bit inscrutable at times.

    He instantly gained a liking for Yoshimo, a sneaky thief/bounty hunter you meet early on in the game. As he progressed through the game I would check in occasionally to see where he was in the story as I like hearing how people react to it for the first time. Every time I would check in he would tell me how he had helped Yoshimo in some side quest or other and he would have one less person in his party other than Yoshimo. This is where the evil internal laughter really started to set in, I would gently encourage him in his love for Yoshimo, he honestly told me he was his favorite character ever.

    By the time he got to the Asylum it was just his player character and Yoshimo in the party and my internal laughter had turned into an evil cackle. Unfortunately I missed it when he was actually betrayed by Yoshimo but the next time I saw him oh boy. He came up to me with no expression and I asked him how the game was going. He looked at me and said “you’re a fucking asshole” finally the cackle came tumbling out of my mouth I asked what his plan was and he told me he had uninstalled the game because he could not progress with just his PC and the newly rescued level 7 Imoen to escape to somewhere other than the prison where he could get new companions. I honestly think it is still a bit of a sore spot for him.

    TLDR: a friend loved a character in a 90 hour game who betrays you around hour 40.


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