Why trying to imitate the Australian accent is so difficult

Why trying to imitate the Australian accent is so difficult

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  1. I spent a good amount of time when I was a child following my pets around the house–imitating Steve Irwin. I never thought the Australian accent was difficult to imitate, but then again, the average Australian probably says more than just, “crikey, mate!”

  2. I can do a spot on Australian accent, at least I thought I could until I met these Australian girls on a night out and they politely informed me I was doing the best New Zealand accent they’ve ever heard. I still can’t tell the difference.

  3. Mel Gibson and others in the movie Gallipoli do a good accent.

    Edit: Mel Gibson grew up in Australia. Also I think Gallipoli is an Australian film so ha oops.

  4. I am Australian and I have to say most people in Hollywood really struggle with it and tend to overdo it when in reality a lot of tend to sound a dialect of proper English.

    Rarely anyone walks around saying “G’day mate!” every 2 seconds only mostly country bumpkins and older folk.

  5. Did she really say the English influence disappeared? You can absolutely hear the English influence in our accent. I’d normally think she’s just ignorant but she’s clearly Aussie.

  6. When people do accents I think there biggest fuck up is changing their voice along with changing the way they are talking. You just need to change the way you are talking, and talk in your normal voice.

  7. the one thing i noticed when i was in America was I had to talk way slower when i was in america. im not sure if it was cause i have a very broad accent or if it was they couldn’t piece together my slang.

    Canadians didn’t seem to have issue but they could have just been being polite


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