World Without Food Science

A World Without Food Science: What would a trip to your local grocery store be like without the benefit of research and technology? How would food shopping look with no knowledge of microbiology, food safety, food processing, food packaging and transportation? Take a glimpse of a world without food science at

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  1. So intense pesticides and GMO crops are the answer? Well, what happens when those two things deplete the nutrients and organisms in our soil to a point where literally nothing can grow? Because that will happen. We need to think about what's sustainable for the long-term, not what's profitable in the short-term.

  2. is this a deceitful commercial? or sarcastic? I dont get it…. Are they trying to make people believe that engineered food is better and its going to save the world, and -magi words usually for people- so cheap?
    Imagine a world, where people are killed by a silent genocide presented to you as a great ideal to save the world…aaah, psychopaths you are so good, sneaky sneaky machines

  3. this is absurd. what do you think keeps my food fresh? it's not GMO's, it's the fridge. the packaging that keeps my food safe? you mean the OVER-packaging, with plastic, that likely seeps into my food? thanks!

  4. Uh, overdramatic?! How did people before food science eat? oh wait! They ate stuff with less toxicity and pesticides in them, food grown in sustainable ways, food that DID NOT CALL FOR A TAG! All you need for a nutrient dense meal comes from natural sources. Sure, you buy processed food you get a bunch of info on a tag, read below it and you also get a bunch of chemicals you were never supposed to be eating in the first place.


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