Thousands of objects meticulously placed to create a 5 minute song in a music game.

Thousands of objects meticulously placed to create a 5 minute song in a music game.

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  1. Since I’m getting some questions I thought I would make a comment to help inform you all. These songs are made by the youtuber who uploaded this video in a game called Kinacoustic. The original compositions belong to the guys who wrote the soundtrack for Ori and the Blind Forest.

    The youtuber is a real nice guy and has some other Kinacoustic songs on his [youtube channel](

    The game was developed by me with the help of a friend in the Unity3d engine. If you’d like to play it and support us, it’s on [Steam](

  2. The music in Ori and the Blind Forest gets me emotional man

    I can’t wait to be an emotional wreck when the sequel comes out. I can back to back it with the rest of the Life is Strange prequel for double the emotional soundtrack and feels

    That main tune bit always makes me teary eyed, fuck

  3. Well done. I applaud you dedication and enjoyed the music/show. The world needs more like you, accomplishing difficult, original works just for fun without a sense of rivalry or consumerism. This made my day. Thanks, keep up the good work.

  4. Hey guys I’m drunk and this made me cry for some reason. That’s weird I’ve never felt that before. Where can I find more of this?

    edit: I mean the music not the fact that it was made in a video game or whatever. It really made me feel something.

  5. The part from 0:30 to 0:50 reminds me of another song, can’t put my finger on it! So frustrating! An other game? Arg!! I never played Ori and the Blind Forest, but that single part reminds me of something…

  6. This strikes me as something that would help AI understand music.

    This is music represented visually; it’s like a pictogram of a song which filters out all of the bones, muscles, wires, hammers and pedals which are incidental to the music.

  7. This reminds me off little big planet. I used to create massive wheels and I would attach music notes to the wheel which would trigger when a “key” passes over the music note. So you had 3 depth layers in the game and I would have the wheel rotate so each music note circuit would pass over the keys and it would trigger the note. I remember spending weeks creating songs that way, there is something about creating music inside a game that is so satisfying. I had completly forgotten about it until I watched this video.

    I used to also create cars which would have the key which would drive by walls full of the music circuits. So you would literally drive to play the music.

  8. Amazing . I love the progress of the play . 100 % amazing 👍👍That’s the spiritual translation of mental thoughts and bring it to life for everyone here to feel at least of parts of what this artist want to convey. Please don’t underestimate the efforts of this artist who have had given a lot to put to get the thousands parts of this masterpiece of the mind and soul and deliver it to us. He deserve a stand up, warm clapping with a eye gazing look and smile of gratitude. Please you have a great & sensible taste to deliver to communicate with our emotions with the piano. Please do more. Many thanks for sharing

  9. That is incredibly neat, and actually makes it feel more naturally played/with feeling due to imperfect distances/angles between “strings”

    more please!

    edit: first notes sounds like the beginning to November Rain


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