Tristram Stuart: The global food waste scandal

Western countries throw out nearly half of their food, not because it’s inedible — but because it doesn’t look appealing. Tristram Stuart delves into the shocking data of wasted food, calling for a more responsible use of global resources.

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  1. People, this project is working for a GREAT solution to Food Waste. You can see their solution in the following link, and also please vote for them!

    The voting ends in a few hours, and they need your help to get support and funding to make their dream come true!


  2. Just a remind: Livestock slauthering is cruelty . What goes around comes around. Human beings are vampires, who need blood from inocents to survive. Animals submited to unspeakable cruelties must not be tolerated. Consuming of red meat causes colon cancer.

  3. Good food should not just be thrown away. But I actually don't see a problem with using it to feed pigs or other animals if it would otherwise just be thrown out. Also, waste isn't necessarily waste if it is composted, thereby making topsoil to grow food again. I think the two main things are to make sure everyone in the world gets the nutrition they need, while we minimize true waste, where what we discard does nothing of benefit, and then, to keep from doing too much harm to the ecology (especially to the atmosphere, as in global heating) by controlling things like carbon emissions. Within that framework, I actually prefer eating meat from animals that are not fed on garbage and foulness, but indeed, on more "real" foods and feeds. I mean, if we enter as an assumption that we won't be able to make the whole world go vegetarian, or even pescetarian, isn't it a good idea to make the meat as clean and safe as possible? Is this not, for example, why we eschew pet foods made with poor quality ingredients like pot ash? Overall then, it would seem  better to focus on getting big users like stores, businesses, and ultimately governments and global bodies to adjust how they do things.

  4. According to the literature about world food economy, the total amount of food produced on the earth is 1.5 times of the amount needed for the whole population well nutritious. So it is the problem of re-distribution of food.

  5. Wow!  What a Waste of Food, it could be Feeding the Homeless, Food Pantry all around will love to have them, thank you so much for sharing this Video, what a Eye-Opener it is, have a Wonderful Day, sincerely, Diana Lipski.

  6. So potatoes are rejected based solely on size and shape?  That's so dumb…I'm sure poor people would love to have such potatoes and wouldn't care!  Sell these 'mis-shapen' potatoes for lower prices if they're okay to eat!  It's better than the chemistry lab at McDonald's…

  7. Convincing Corporations super markets is a long shot the better solution is to quit eating meat dairy and eggs and we create 50% food surplus(4 biscuits is what remains of the entire food production and 3 biscuits is what gets fed to livestock to get only 1 biscuit. That leaves us with 2. BTW I think its much more but lets run with this.
    The soy and wheat used to feed livestock can be used to make fake meat and bacon which will taste just like real meat and everybody wins.
    This is the best reason to go vegan, well maybe you can still eat fish cause nobody feeding it anything only would be a waste of resources and could be an environmental concern.

  8. We need better understand the economic logistics and food safety concerns along with reduced nutritive value when we think food waste otherwise this one side hate will not get us any where. Yes political interest have a investment in food waste issues but it is not the only problem as many are led to believe. I ask this what you happen to the the grocery stores if you made a reduce produce section people most would wait to buy it there problem? reduce economic feasibility now you have more an more of you high value product barely selling do to this new market. same with free food give everyone free food what happens to demand te demand drops off fewer and fewer people are buying food and farms end up taking the hit.

    we have all this food way not give it to some one in Africa or something. ok so the cost of shipping is huge preservation is difficult/ expensive special if your trying to eat healthy .

    last the same thing happens there

    inject a bunch of free or quick cheap food home farmers can't compete and go out of business no there's even less food then there way to start… we have a fine line to walk but done right we can change the world

  9. hello youtube playing up..hopefully I ended up 'liking this' and thank you for sharing. I have shared on my FB page today..especially in this festive season we need to get the message out 'be the change you want to see in the world' and stop overstocking on food and stop wasting it. Push pressure on those food suppliers to publish their figures on waste and cut back on it. With 15 million dying a year from starvation this is indeed a scandal, thank you in solidarity for this message

  10. Absolutely agree with you there. I suppose my stance has changed slightly on that front, and your body absorbs nutrients better from veggies with lots of fat-soluble vitamins from saturated animal fats, and coconut oil as well. Our ability to process animal protein/fat depends on our background. I wonder if any studies have been done to demonstrate different ethnicities' ability to process different foods, such Pacific Islanders and more fruit, starch, and fats from tropical fruits, etc.

  11. no need to feed the world on vegetables, there are endless plant options (fruits, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds) and I have been growing vegan organic for 3 years now (no chemicals/manure/livestock etc). There are farmers that have been doing this for decades. I am THRIVING. Sorry to keep dispelling these myths/theories but these are real life results, right now. I only hope many others can find a similar path. Peace

  12. I agree westerners eat too much meat but we can't feed the world on vegetables. Agriculture doesn't work like that. If we are ever to rid ourselves of our dependance on fossil fuel based fertilizers then we need to bring animals back onto the farm. Also, many cultures have thrived on diets very high in animal fats and proteins. Humans are omnivores, there is no one answer when it comes to what to eat.

  13. Westerners eat too much meat, I agree. But many cultures in history have thrived off animal based diets and it is important to keep animals on the farm for fertility unless we are to become completely reliant on fossil fuel based fertilizers.

  14. I applaud Tristram Stuart for educating the masses and his action within Feeding the 5000. For those overwhelmed by the idea of going and help salvage perfectly edible supermarkets or farms' foods, remember that you can make a change at your own individual scale. Food waste lives in our homes: only buy what you need and refuse to throw away what you paid for. Remember that YOU worked hard for that money and someone else also did to bring you that salad. So find a way to eat it before it rots 🙂

  15. there are always a few ignorant fools who dislike such wonderful presentations… well, I'm from India and here the results of starvation are very evident.. It may not be directly in cause of food wastes but it makes you wonder what can be done to give FOOD FOR ALL.

  16. There is no conceivable way for the entire global population to ever adopt veganism. Those of us who know how difficult it is for our digestive system to process animal products, such as dairy or meat, must take it upon ourselves to rid our diets of them, and endorse peer-reviewed scientific studies to show how detrimental those things are to our overall health. He was demonstrating for those who eat meats, to not waste. He was merely tying his point about waste into the global scale. Peace!

  17. Interestingly, the bin contents shown at 8:00 feature own brands of the supermarket I regularly harvest on behalf of a local soup kitchen (often with a small cut for myself!). Tristram's depicted 'crop' even contains the same salvaged chcoolate dessert I've just enjoyed with my lunch.


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