5 New SMART GADGETS & INVENTIONS With ExtraOrdinary Features

5 Amazing Inventions You Must See
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5- Gemini Magnetic Stereo Speaker Duo – Go Moft : https://goo.gl/C3fxng

4- Jelly, The Smallest 4G Smartphone : https://goo.gl/6tu4U9

3- Digitsole Smartshoe – The World’s First Intelligent Sneaker : https://goo.gl/x57T5u

2- Meet The Ruggie – A Genius Rug Alarm Clock : https://goo.gl/voL26X

1- BIKI – First Bionic Wireless Underwater Fish Drone : https://goo.gl/GwfVw5
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– Kevin MacLeod – incompetech.com

– www.bensound.com

– NCS – nocopyrightsounds

– aodionautix.com

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Comment (5)

  1. these things never have anything fucking decent on them, just a bunch of consumerism shit, there's nothing "new" about this stuff it's just recycled shit, other than them shoes, really? you can't just tie your fucking shoe you lazy cunt, next there will be a wireless charger for the shoes as the next "new" invention so you don't have to bend down and put your shoes on charge you lazy cunt, hey why the fuck are you even wearing shoes just stay on the fucking couch your whole life and watch TV bruv, get your disability benefits and a carer for fucking free, you fat stupid cunts, tell you what someone needs to make a "new" invention like some sort of pole or stick to let you open the door without moving so you can let the fucking food delivery driver in to give you your greasy ass food

  2. 2:46 7 days standby time. Sticking with the flip phone, four weeks between charges and a 53 inch monitor at home. Nothing is that important.


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