A friend made a video of Eminem dissing everything around him

A friend made a video of Eminem dissing everything around him

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  1. Let’s be fair though, Popsicles have had this coming to them for a while though. They made Hailie get a brain freeze when she ate one. Said it before, don’t dish it out, if you can’t handle the clap back.

    Can’t wait to see Popsicles response on their next assorted pack though….

  2. This is so so good. Ridiculous enough lines to be hilarious and still comparable to Em’s more silly lines.
    Sidenote: I love how a couple weeks ago this sub was back to being dead and sad and now its just overflowing with great content.

    Edit: I thought this was r/Eminem

  3. i get that this is a joke, but seriously, fuck popsicles. it’s just frozen juice. you can’t even drink it cause it’s frozen so you either wait for it to melt from your saliva, (the saliva leaves your mouth, coats the popsicle, and then you take it Back in your mouth) or you mash it up with your teeth, taking bites, and then if you poor oral hygiene and havent’ seen a dentist in 20 years, you could break a tooth and your gums would be super sensitive to the cold.

  4. Yo! I made the video, appreciate the love it’s gotten, it was really fun to make. Quick things: for the people worried about the dog, he had a great time and was not actually screamed at (I was lip-syncing). Biting that popsicle was the most painful thing i’ve ever experienced. Everyone else in the video is super funny too, check them out some time (Tim De La Motte, Patrick Quinn, Morgan Jay). I don’t know who posted this on here originally but thank you!

    If you dig this, check out some other videos at [youtube.com/brentpella](https://youtube.com/brentpella). Looking forward to waking up in the middle of the night and seeing Eminem standing over me with a thousand gallons of egg whites.


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