Actress reading a yelp review of dunkin donuts customer.

Actress reading a yelp review of dunkin donuts customer.

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  1. I left this review. Which has now been performed by a professional actor live to millions of people around the world.

    You thought you could mock me, humiliate my lack of intelligence, acumen and denigrate my feckless, gormless ways. You thought you could bully me with your fustilarian vituperation.

    But no – here I stand – my agathism vindicated.


  2. Dude, this actor is a badass. “She is the voice of Maya Hansen in the Marvel graphic motion comic Iron Man Extremis, of Dr. Fennel in Pokémon, and for various Yu-Gi-Oh! characters. ” Not to mention she’s done over 200 audiobook. She’s really good in this video

  3. Who leaves yelp reviews like this, and then for another human to actually take it seriously?? I mean, if I was so upset to leave a Yelp review, on a huge chain like D&D, I would at least throw some bullshit so it would at least stick to the wall!? Gotta chalk this review up to someone just having a bad day, sure it is an inconviece to not get exactly what you want but I they ate it! Do people honestly care so much as to go out of their way and leave these kind of meaningless reviews??

  4. This is somewhat unrelated but it irks me when people use “gotta” to mean “got a”. I know it can mean either, but to me it makes more sense for it to exclusively stand for “got to” because “got a” is the same number of characters and less letters than “gotta” so why use the slang version in the first place?

  5. Wait so with the “what the H” was the person censoring themselves from saying “what the heck” which is already a version of censoring yourself from saying “what the fuck”?

  6. I was checking out the channel and there is one of a guy who got food poisoning from a strip steak, it cracked me the fuck up. He did it so well like not even blinking and the way he was breathing.

  7. I mean tbf fuck you Dunks for skimping on the goddamn cream cheese or making me do it myself, I’m not going to a fast food place for breakfast so I can spend 5 min trying to spread a thimble of cream cheese onto a bagel with a wet noodle

  8. Pretty accurate account of dunkin’s cream cheese spreading practices. Always such a thin layer, and only on one side of the bagel. As someone who eats the bottom half first, it is like peeling apart an oreo where all the filling is on the wrong half.

  9. The real question is why do people go to DD when you probably have a real bagel store nearby? Real bagels with whatever spread you want or breakfast sandwich you want versus what is essentially one of those pre-packaged bagels you find in the bread aisle.

  10. Good lord that was awful. Her delivery was terrible – why so many pauses? I can’t imagine the Yelp review is filled with random pauses so I presume that it was her idea to do it and boy did it ever make the flow seem unnatural and *very* contrived. Cliche music and a classic example of overacting. I give it 3/10.

  11. She did a damn good delivery. I actually started to hate her as a person a little bit before rationalizing the fact that she was reading someone else’s review. Great acting, voice work and facial expressions both!


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