Binging with Babish: Cocktail Special

Binging with Babish: Cocktail Special

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  1. You didn’t mention it in the video but a great way to quickly chill a warm glass is to fill it with ice water before you begin to prepare the cocktail. By time you’ve mixed everything the glass is perfectly chilled.

  2. /u/oliverbabish Did you consider using powdered non-dairy creamer in the White Russian? It would still be accurate to the movie and you’d be able to consume the whole drink while avoiding lactose-induced butt lava.

    Edit: I typed powdered twice for some reason.

  3. Thanks for posting /u/americandutchie!! And thank you guys so much for your incredible support over the past year and a bit. When I hit 100K subscribers, 1M seemed completely impossible – now, less than 6 months later, here we are!

    Next week I’m going to be posting a behind-the-scenes video, doing a giveaway, and live-streaming a cooking show on Twitch to celebrate – hope I see you guys there!!

    EDIT: [YOU GUYS IT HAPPENED!]( I managed to hit refresh right as it turned over! Thank you so much everyone, this would not have been possible without the support of the Reddit community – I’m forever grateful, you guys have changed my life.

  4. This is cool! There are a couple of things you could do to improve your cocktails – you are spending so long getting the food perfect seems a shame not doing the same for the drinks.

    1. Ice – most important part of the drink. If a drink is served over ice the more good quality ice you can use the less your cocktail will dilute. Essentially, if you can fit more ice in the glass, put it in.

    2. Sugar cubes – don’t use these. You can’t measure them accurately, sugar doesn’t dissolve well in alcohol and the grainy texture you will get in your drink isn’t nice. Make a 2:1 sugar syrup instead and all will be well in the world.

    3. Lillet – what you used is lillet blanc. Kina lillet isn’t made anymore, but it was a lot less sweet and had bitter quinine in it, making it a quinquina (which is where the name kina comes from). Something like Cocchi Americano is probably closer to the taste in the Vesper.

    4. Glassware – especially in drinks served up, stick your glass in the freezer 20 minutes or so before you make the drink. You want it pretty cold and to stay that way, and especially because of the large size of the measures you used you are going to want to keep it cold or it will warm up and be gross before you’re done drinking it. Incidentally I would definitely reduce that spec for the vesper, try 2oz gin, 2/3oz vodka, 2/3oz Cocchi Americano, and shake the shit out if it.

    Really cool video, and really nice to see cocktails being shown off!

  5. Not going to get into why some of these are wrong, because it’s just cocktails, who really gives a fuck. But as a bartender, do not “stomp down your cocktail shaker” like he says at 3:52. That’s a good way to ensure that separating them is as big a pain in the ass as possible.

    Put the ingredients in the *glass*. Add the ice afterwards. Put on the metal lid and give it a very light tap on top. There is enough pressure there to ensure they stick together by themselves.

  6. Gordon’s is cheap… but it’s also really decent gin.

    No shame here.

    Well, a little shame, people get all snooty if they see the bottle. They don’t if they just taste the drink I make though 😉

  7. I love binging with babish, dont get me wrong, but why do i only hear about his channel through reddit? Why does reddit love him so much? Every video he posts that gets linked in r/videos does so well. Its very impressive


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