Coconut rice bear dog

Coconut rice bear dog

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  1. When my cats do this I call it ‘talking in their voice’. I really think they are trying to sound like a human. It’s like a person going “bark, bark, bark”.

  2. I’m waiting for the one guy who’s in every wacky dog thread to come in and ruin all the fun by telling us all how much pain this certain breed of dog goes through due to its appearance.

  3. This dog has figured out how to communicate to thousands of dogs at once through youtube. Be cute and the humans will play the video for all their dogs to hear.

  4. These comments were tripping me out. Didn’t notice I was in /r/vidoes not /r/samoyeds. Please come check the Samoyed subreddit out for more of out fluffy beasts.

  5. “And we’re over. Now we’re over. Aurora. ROUGH! Now move over. Aurora! OOFF Aurora! Aurora! Mph! Wow wow… wow, wow wow! wow. A Raul? A Raul… AuROra! Oh oh!!! wow
    WOW! Raul?! Aurora? (rough) Aurora a Raul Raul… Raul… Au-rora rough… don’t know you!”


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