Dal Tadka Recipe | Dhaba Style Dal Fry Recipe

Simple yet full of flavors, This Punjabi Dal Fry is a common dish made throughout the homes and served in all restaurants and dhabas with their own variations. Here, I bring you the Dhaba Style of Making the Dal Tadka which is a mix of lentils cooked and tempered, then smoked. The smoke is the key to make the Dhaba or the Restaurant Style which is usually skipped/missing in the home cooked way.


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  1. This is what I wanted, more authentic dahl recipe, not the westernised – use a can of tomatoes+ red lentils – rubbish, lol! Or worse, tinned lentils! God, save us! :O)

  2. this is my favorite recipe,
    well, plz explaine me the propotion of water added in pressure cooker while preparing dal,
    i i would like to know if the lentiles were soaked or not?

  3. At 5.07, you are buring a charcoal. Where to get such charcoal? Is it available at online shops? What is its name if it is not called charcoal?


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