Here’s what Nickelodeon slime is made of

Here’s what Nickelodeon slime is made of

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  1. Those who are interested there is a book called “Slimed: an oral history of Nickelodeon’s golden age” it is a completion of interviews from people that were involved in nick’s early years strung together into a narrative. Pretty quick read, very interesting stuff.

  2. I was slimed at a Nickelodeon show at Silver Dollar City theme park when I was around 8 years old. I told the lady that it smelled like applesauce and she said that’s pretty much what it was, applesauce and cornstarch. I imagine they had a few different formulations. It tasted yummy.

  3. I clean up spilled applesauce, pudding and oatmeal daily so this is unsurprising to me.

    Also I hope Marc Summers is feeling more better than worse these days.

  4. Did Mark have obsessive compulsive disorder? I thought so, so I found it heartbreaking when he got slimed.

    Had a friend who had unmedicated OCD 🙁

  5. Can’t remember if it was an AMA, but someone who was on Double Dare said it sucked because Nickelodeon would keep the “slime” refrigerated. It was essentially a food product and they didn’t want to be hurling spoiled pudding and applesauce at people.

  6. I’ve tasted this stuff! As a kid, my parents took me to Universal Studios where we did a Nickelodeon tour. So awesome. Thanks for bringing up a great memory! Edit: spelling

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  9. Am I the only one pleasantly surprised? I would have thought it was some gross chemical-plastic smelling crap you’d usually find in a toy store made in China. Vanilla pudding? Apple sauce? Oatmeal? That doesn’t sound gross at all, in fact it sounds kinda good.

    Call me fat but I’d eat the slime.

  10. I remember back in the early 90s, they use to let you taste slime on the tour of Nickolodeon Studios. I distinctly remember the apple sauce, but not the vanilla pudding…Good times. Also that neon green slime fountain!

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