Homemade Cat Sushi (vs Store Cat Food )

Homemade Cat Sushi (vs Store Cat Food )

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  1. Oh boy, another Jun video!

    For those of you who liked the look of his knives and are interested in getting into the hobby, consider checkout out r/chefknives.

    edit: Featured in this video was a traditional Japanese deba and yanagiba (often referred to as sushi knives), a santoku, and a chef’s knife. Though the chopping with the deba at 0:28 and 0:40 and scraping at 0:47 made my cry a bit…

  2. I always thought it was a bad idea to dramatically change a cat’s meal from it’s previous ones. I wonder if these kitties ended up throwing up their dinner. Mine would, but maybe he has a sensitive stomach to diet changes.

    edit: This isn’t meant to be negative, like /u/WrenerHerzog is getting all emotional about, I was just wondering if I could feed my kitty a birthday meal like this.

  3. Are you kidding me?

    How is this the best god damn cooking video that I have ever seen? Jesus Christ that man chops. Just give me more chop videos with cats and Babish’s voice and I’m done.

  4. Yes, I wonder which the cats will prefer. The one that’s made with fresh ingredients and a lot of care or the canned food… What a surprising result.

    Regardless that was impressive. I will never be as good at preparing food as this guy

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  6. For those wanting to make cat food, remember that cats require taurine or they will die. You can buy taurine to add or a better way is to feed them chicken hearts instead of chicken meat. It’s protein & contains the taurine they need. They also need lots of other stuff that comes with a balanced diet.


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