How To Cook A Sunday Roast, French Style – Gordon Ramsay

Gordon travels to France to teach an ex-pat British family how to compete with their French neighbours in the kitchen.
From Gordon Ramsay’s The F Word

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  1. Shut up bloody french!!! You are all about snails and overrated cheese… And they talk of Pizza and Pasta about italians… thousand times better English fish and chips than those ridiculous foods you have!

  2. You know im not that surprised that they cant cook since only 20% of the entire world population knows how to cook nowadays, what im surprised with is that this family of 3 has been living with canned goods for their entire marriage and none of them have yet to keel over and suffer from kidney failure, most canned food has some form of sodium in it.. whether its sodium nitrate or monosodium glutamate or others they all can wreak havoc in your system if you eat it daily, they should be thankful that none of them have kidney failure.. yet.

  3. I love Chef Ramsey. I understand him. I could impress him with a couple of cooking techniques of my own. I could never win Hell's Kitchen but I would walk away with the prize on Master Chef.


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