Local Man is TOO HOT

Local Man is TOO HOT

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  1. I’m a total POS- I laugh at some truly awful things. However, I’m not sure I can get behind this one. Dude seems like he’s not all with it. Again, HUGE POS here and I don’t judge….laugh on.

  2. You can obviously see that this guy is disabled. I just can’t understand how a person can record him, laugh at him the whole time and then upload the video on Youtube.

  3. This guy looks mentally disabled, but regardless of what he looks like- he’s really pouring his all into this. Hope you at least tipped him for the show.

    The polo tucked into the gold booty shorts and high socks pulled all the way up- too perfect.

  4. I like the first old guy that donates to him before he’s even begun his act.

    You know what someone should do is get a local band together and give this guy a chance to rock out on a stage with a whole backing band. I bet he would just love it! Who in the area has big hearts and enough talent and patience to take on the challenge?

  5. Y’all so mad that this guy is disabled, dude looks like he’s enjoying himself out there to entertain, and he’s entertaining the fuck out of everyone. I’d give him some cash. Get off your high horses.

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  7. This is the funniest shit i have seen all day

    Edit: and before you go down voting and comment “he’s mentally disabled REEEEEEE!!!!!!” There is no harm to this man done in this video so just have a nice laugh enjoy the video and move on with your day


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