Massive Alligator {HUNT CLEAN COOK} Complete Video! GOURMET!!!

Text: DMFD to 77453 for a chance at some insane stuff!!!
here’s a link to the crossbow I use on all my gator hunts,

Hornady .44mag XTP’s are my A#1 choice while hunting monster Alligators!
Silver Stag “Woods & Water” is the perfect knife!!!

for all your alligator hunting needs, go to:
here’s a link to the restaurant we were at, Chef Aaron is LEGIT!!!
Spring Creek Processing -Ryan –
For Authentic DMFD Merch, go to:
use Promo Code DeerMeat20
I use Silver Stag knives:

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  1. Dude if all you ate was the tail, you fucked up big time!!!! The cheeks are where it's at especially on a gator that size, you'll get two round pieces of meat that'll look like baseballs lol. Slice it kinda thin, double bread it in seasoned flour and egg wash, deep fry it and make some home made dippin sauce……muy bueno

  2. why didn't you call my dad he lives less than a 1/4 mile away from big jims and has killed a 16 1/2 foot gator on his airboat in lake seminole and he has 3 powered parachutes and he flies during the day and finds wher the big ones are at then at night he goes and kills them.


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