MODSonair Episode 158

The week ending December 14, 2008 in gaming news from a modders perspective brought to you by MODSonline.

This show:
Logitech’s G13 Gameboard, Z-Nano Mouse, Quake ported to Chumby, Widescreen gaming, Steam Hardware Survey, on Wiis, Playstation Home, Xbox LIVE Snow Globe & E3, Dallas Gaming, Warthog Mod for BF, Sound decompiler, Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage & HD Textures, Strong Bad’s Game, Sims 3, Saw Game, Ubisoft Scores, Atari Acquires Cryptic, Adult Gamers, CBS Cutting GameSpot, WoW Causes Dropouts, NYU Game Center, In-Game Ads, mature is misnomer, PCGA on DRM, gift ideas, Best games, Quake on me, MODSonline Holiday Pwnage, more…

Hosts: foyleman, Jynx, Welshy, Stryder, Supersword

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== TOPICS ==========================================

— Hardware —————————————————–

– Hand-on with Logitech’s G13 Gameboard

– Z-Nano Mouse is world’s smallest and most absurd

– Quake ported to Chumby makes for an adorable first-person shooter

– Widescreen gaming,669688/Reviews/Widescreen_gaming_Which_games_benefit_and_which_dont/

– Steam Hardware Survey: November 2008

— Consoles —————————————————–

– Makes Tens of Thousands of Nintendo Wiis Available Online Today

– Home finally sees public launch

– Home is outdated, says Microsoft exec

– Stir your friends up in the Xbox LIVE Snow Globe

– Microsoft looking to “break the bank” at E3 2009

– Dallas Gaming Event Planned

— MODS in the News ——————————————–

– Warthog Mod for BF2 and BF2142

— Modding ——————————————————

– Sound decompiler *download*

— Gaming ——————————————————-

– Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage Unveiled

– Fallout 3 HD Texture Pack

– Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People Movie

– The Sims 3

– Saw Game Axed

– Ubisoft on Review Scores and Acquisition Plans

– Atari Acquires Cryptic

— Politics, Companies, Events ———————————–

– Half of American Adults Gamers

– CBS Cutting Back at CNET, Including GameSpot

– FCC Commissioner Terms WoW a Leading Cause of College Dropouts

– NYU Game Center

– In-Game Ads Won’t ‘Move the Dial’

– For some M-rated games, mature is misnomer

– PCGA on DRM and Piracy

— Other ——————————————————–

– 11 luxury Christmas gift ideas for the gamer in your life

– Best PC games of 2008

– Top 20 PC Games (November 2008)

– Quake on me

– MODSonline Holiday Pwnage

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