Never, ever piss off the people who handle your food.

Never, ever piss off the people who handle your food.

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  1. Watching this movie years ago the board totally went over my head.

    4 bastards, I’m guessing dudes, and a bunch of Beotches. Women are worse by far when they are rude. The guys just treat you like a moron. The women will break you down.

  2. I worked at Applebees all through High School and this movie is uncomfortably accurate. Not necessarily this particular scene though. I never saw anyone mess with someone’s food. Especially after they put cameras in the kitchen. But the entire rest of the movie is hilarious/depressingly true.

  3. I’ve never heard of anyone fucking with food like this in the UK, and I’ve worked in the industry, but most of my american friends tell me it happens a lot there. It just makes me wish that people had included which country they’re from in their comments in this thread that mention whether or not they’d seen/heard of it happening.

  4. Someone I worked with thought it was really funny that they put their balls on someone’s food. I guess it’s funny at the time, but I’d rather not live in a world where we have to second guess whether people are defiling what we eat, regardless of the circumstance. Maybe it comes from respecting that having a meal every day is a gift. Frankly, I’d rather be physically assaulted for pissing off a waiter than my food be sexually assaulted.

  5. I’ve worked in a couple restaurants and I can assure you that everything about this movie is true except for this scene. NO ONE wants you to get sick at their restaurant. It is not worth it to us, especially if you’re the sort of person who complains a lot. We settle for seething, passive-aggressive hatred for you and your table.

  6. this is one of my favorite movies. I feel like there is truth to the “cardinal rule”. I always try to be respectful to the people who wait on me at restaurants . I understand that they are people too and they have enough a-holes to deal with Im sure.

  7. When I worked in hospitality, no one would go to this extent, but there’s a thousand little ways you could get back at the rude customers. Meager portions, noisy groups sat next to you, water glasses would hot and your meal would be cold, lots of interruptions, bill might be given too early or too late, seat bumped a lot etc etc.

    And yes, there was a sour lady like that woman, who complained every time she came, over many years. Most of the people with her looked miserable too. She worked nearby as a judge, so I think it was most convenient place for her to come.

    People who haven’t worked in service industry often don’t realize that being nice to staff goes a long way in getting good service and little extras.

  8. As someone who has been a cook for a decade, and worked front of house, this has never happened. Even if the customer was a complete asshole. You don’t fuck with people’s food. End of story.

  9. Yeah. That doesn’t happen in any half-reputable restaurant. Like, ever. I get it. You’re pissed off about your service sector job. You watched Fight Club and had a half-orgasm when you saw the [“Don’t fuck with us”]( part. I know. Most of us have been there.

    But at the end of the day nobody does this shit. It’s disgusting, most kitchens have cameras every where, and it’s a great way to throw away your reputation and maybe even face criminal charges.

  10. I briefly worked in food service and never came close to having anything like this happen. But in college I had to serve food to the brothers of my fraternity while I was pledging. One time a brother, for hazing purposes, took the food I had just served him and threw it on my pants and shoes (I was wearing a suit and tie) and told me to go get him another plate. I did go get him another plate, but this time I garnished his mashed potatoes with my spit.

    Sorry Nick.

  11. Well, i’ve worked in restaurants until my 20s. Never saw this happen, any actual chef would never let it happen. They’d throw the customer out and deny them food before it would.

    That being said once in awhile a fast food worker thinks it’s funny to do something like this. And once in awhile they’re caught.
    It’s serious jail time.


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