Robot with just one leg jumping and climbing furniture

Robot with just one leg jumping and climbing furniture

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  1. You guys, stop. You’re going to get us all killed. All it takes is one military to weaponize any of these inventions and we’re all goners.

    Edit: I know governments already weaponized things like this. Just saying it won’t end well

  2. Guys I’m not sure if you’ve all noticed but after climate change makes earth unlivable for humans robots like these are going to take over and kill every last remaining of us.

    Good times ahead.

  3. Image this thing scaled up to the size of a person how high it could jump! That’s with 1 leg too. If it had 2 legs it could run, and imagine how accurate. I saw one that could do a flip a few months ago. There’s no telling how advanced these are now. Pair this with ai and we a fucked. This stuff has been getting scarier and scarier.

  4. This is super cool. I’m curious, can it correct for a bad jump? As in the surface is not stable and doesn’t give a solid platform to push off of. How does uneven terrain affect it’s jump and landing?

  5. Just need to combine this tech with Boston Dynamics dogs so when in combat and the dog get damaged, the other legs can just hop away similar to the batpod from TDK.

  6. What would it take to do a larger version of this that could decelerate a human payload from terminal velocity to 0? Think of being able to jump out of airplanes or buildings without having to worry about how to handle a parachute.

  7. Its mind-boggling how quickly it processes environmental data, does the required calculations and adjusts itself for the next jump

    Is it all on the bot itself? Or is it being done with another machine?

  8. The year is 2030. You are hiding in the corner of your room behind a dresser. No lights are on except for your lava lamp illuminating the room with a red hue. All of a sudden there is a crash and you look to see your window shattering with a pack of 5 of these pixar lamp scouts with frickin lazers and knifes attached to their head jump in. You open your mouth to scream but it’s already too late. You have been spotted, and before you could let off a shriek of terror one makes a precision hop and slices right through your heart and off all and out the window, followed by the rest of the pack. They win.


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